Wednesday 31 May 2023

 5. What is the difference between Hindu Astrology and Western Astrology?

The major difference between Hindu Astrology and Western Astrology is that Hindu Astrology follows Nirayana system and the Western Astrology follows Sayana system. 

Nirayana System

In this planets are taken as fixed while Sun is taken as moving, because this is the way it appears.

Sayana System

In this, planets are taken as moving while Sun is taken as stationary, because this is the way it actually is.


The exact period when both the zodiacs were in the first point is called Aynamsha or the precessional distance.  It is the increment between the beginning of the fixed and moveable zodiacs and varies from 19° to 23°.  It is taken roughly as 50 1/13 seconds of arc per year.

Saturday 27 May 2023

 4. What is Kala(Time) in astrology?

In Hindu astrology, it is known as Kala.  It is an abstract idea.  It is measured in years, months, days, ghatis, palas and vipalas (also as years, months, days, hours, and seconds).  Actually, Sun does not revolve; it is stationary; it is the Earth, which revolves round its own axis as well as the Sun.  Days and nights are caused by the rotation of Earth on its axis.
1 day and night        = 60 ghatis
1 ghati        = 60 palas
1 pala        = 60 vipalas
1 day and night        = 60 ghatis
       = 24 Hours        
       = 24 x 60 minutes
Hence, 1 ghati        = 24 x 60 /60  =24 minutes
1 pala        = 24 seconds        
Nowadays, more and more people have started using hours, minutes and seconds instead of ghatis, palas and vipalas.  Even some of the panchangas are also giving the time both in ghatis and hours.

Friday 26 May 2023

 3. What are Planets?

There are 9 planets, which, according to Hindu Astrology, have powerful influence on the earth.  These are:
1.        Sun        2.        Moon
3.        Mars        4.        Mercury
5.        Jupiter        6.        Venus
7.        Saturn        8.        Rahu and
9.        Ketu
The last two, i.e. Rahu and Ketu are not exactly planets, as they do not have physical bodies.  They are called shadowy planets.  North Point, where the Moon crosses the Ecliptic, is known as Rahu and South Point is known as Ketu.  They are 180° apart from each other.  They are the nodes of Moon.
All the planets (except Rahu and Ketu) not only revolve on their own axis but also round the Sun.  Moon is the nearest to the Earth and Saturn the most distant from the Earth.
Sun and Moon are never in retrograde motion, i.e. they do not move backwards.  Rahu and Ketu always move backwards.  The other planets have both direct and retrograde motion.

Thursday 25 May 2023

 2. What is Zodiac?

It is an imaginary belt in the heaven in which planets travel. Ecliptic is the path of the Sun, which passes correctly through the center of zodiac.
The zodiacal circle is divided into 12 equal parts of 30° each, known as Signs (Rashi).  These are:
1.        Aries        5.        Leo        9.        Sagitarius
2.        Taurus        6.        Virgo        10.        Capricorn
3.        Gemini        7.        Libra        11.        Aquarius
4.        Cancer        8.        Scorpio        12.        Pisces

Wednesday 24 May 2023

 1. What is Astrology ?

Astrology is a wonderful tool to find good and bad times in life well in advance so that you can exercise more free will to face the challenges.