Thursday 24 August 2023

 6. What is Tithi

Also known as lunar day, one Tithi is said to be complete when Moon has moved 12° from the Sun.  The names of the tithi are given below.

It is perhaps known to all that size (shape) of Moon either increases or decreases. The day, when the shape of Moon is a complete circle, is known as Poornima or Full Moon day.  From the Full Moon day, the Moon starts decreasing day by day, till it disappears after 15 days.  The day, when it is not visible, is called Amavasya or New Moon.  Increasing Moon is called waxing Moon and decreasing Moon is called waning Moon.  The period when Moon is increasing is called the Bright Half and the period when Moon is waning is called the Dark Half.


Bright Half                        Dark Half

1.        Pratipada        1.        Pratipada

2.        Dwitya           2.        Dwitya

3.        Tratiya            3.        Tratiya

4.        Chaturthi        4.        Chaturthi

5.        Panchami       5.        Panchami

6.        Shashthi         6.        Shashthi

7.        Saptami          7.        Saptami

8.        Ashtami          8.        Ashtami

9.        Nawami          9.        Nawami

10.        Dashmi        10.        Dashmi

11.        Ekadashi       11.        Ekadashi

12.        Dwadasi       12.        Dwadasi

13.        Trayodashi    13.        Trayodashi

14.        Chaturdashi   14.        Chaturdashi

15.        Poornima       15.        Amavasya